What are some real life examples of ways we try to make people equal?

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In the United States, we try in a number of ways to make people more equal.  We do not exactly try to make them completely equal.  Instead, we try to give them relatively equal chances in life.

One way we try to do this is through antipoverty programs.  These programs are meant to reduce poverty and thereby to give lower income children better chances to succeed.  Another way is through affirmative action programs.  These programs, mainly aimed at racial minorities, attempt to give people chances to succeed that they would not otherwise have had.

Overall, though, our main way of trying to increase equality is our educational system.  We try to get all young people to be adequately educated so that even children who are growing up relatively poor will have a decent chance to move upwards and achieve greater equality.

Sadly, of course, these efforts have tended not to work very well and we still have major problems with inequality.

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