Who is the real hero of the play, Caesar or Brutus?  Give reasons to justify the title of the play Julius Caesar.

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This question has caused Shakespearean scholars to discuss and write papers for centuries.  Many people wonder why the play is titled "Julius Caesar" when Caesar isn't even the primary protagonist of the action - he isn't really in the play very much and he is assassinated halfway through, although, to be accurate, his ghost does make some appearances later on!

It is, however, Caesar and his determination to be emperor that causes the action of the play, and precipitates others' reactions to him, leading to his death.  And again, that is where we get the question about Brutus and Caesar and who was the most heroic.

Brutus claims that he loved Caesar, but he loved Rome more, which seems to justify, in his mind, why he turned against a man he had thought of as a friend and was willing to help stab him to death.  But Caesar believed that by becoming emperor, he could help Rome remain a major power and prevent the problems that occurred under a group of senators.

What you have are two men who claim to have been trying to do what they believe was right - following their consciences.  It is up to each reader of "Julius Caesar" to determine which was the most heroic, if that is even possible.  But a careful reading of the lines written for Brutus and those written for Caesar can perhaps help you come to an understanding for yourself.  And perhaps the title really shouldn't have been "Julius Caesar"! :)

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Real hero of "Julius Caesar"?

Who is the real hero of the play, Caesar or Brutus?  Give reasons to justify the title of the play, "Julius Caesar."

kirat i think we hv to prove that the title is correct of julius caesar........

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