I am reading "The Road from Coorain." It was confusing. Was Jill Ker Conway's mother a nurse and her father a house keeper?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jill Ker Conway was born on October 9, 1934 and is an Australian-American author.  In her biographical novel “The Road From Coorain” she details her life.  Her mother was a nurse by profession, but her father was a sheep herder.  He was killed in a diving accident and her mother eventually had to move her family to Sydney Australia.  “For Conway’s father, stoic and single-minded in his obsession with the land, Coorain was a dream come true; for Conway’s mother, a nurse who had grown up in a comfortable Queensland urban area, Coorain was a nightmare. For Conway and her brothers Robert and Barry, the early years at Coorain resembled her father’s view, for their lives were idyllic. By 1942, however, when Conway was eight, their lives were changed, and the dream became a nightmare.”

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