Read The Dew Breaker and prepare an annotation of the first part of the book. The annotation should ask questions, make comments, draw connections and conclusions, paraphrase significant passages, underline key points in the text, and list unfamiliar vocabulary words and include their definitions.

In preparing an annotation on The Dew Breaker, questions could be asked about the relationship between art, objectification, and celebrity. Comments could be made on relationships between fathers and daughters and marriage. One key passage could be when Ms. Hinds tells Nadine she’s like a dog that doesn’t bark. Key points could focus on experiences of intimacy and immigrants. A list of unfamiliar vocabulary might include glib, grieve, and eradicate.

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The following are some ideas about what to include in your response to the first part of Edwidge Danticat’s The Dew Breaker.

Possible questions:

Why is Ka so focused on properly sculpting her father?

How do the father’s objections to the statue relate to his aversion to being photographed?

What did her father mean when he said the ancient Egyptians “know how to grieve”?

How come the man and woman in “Seven” don’t have names?

How can work and employment be an escape from life?

How is Nadine’s Brooklyn different from Ka’s Brooklyn?

Possible comments:

You could turn the above questions, or any...

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