The Story of My Life Questions and Answers
by Helen Keller

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Read The Story of My Life and answer the following questions:          i.   Helen had a great strength and courage which helped her come out of her dark and silent world. Justify.         ii.   What type of relation did Miss Anne Sullivan and Helen share?         iii.   Write a pen portrait of Helen Keller.         iv.   Describe Helen’s relationship with her sister, Mildred.          v.   Who was Martha Washington? What sort of relationship did Helen have with her?

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I will address one of your questions and give you some insight on where to find answers to your other four.  In the future, it is best to ask multiple questions separately when using Homework Help on eNotes.  

Question 5:  

Martha Washington was the daughter of the Keller family's cook.  Martha was Helen's closest friend before Miss Sullivan came.  The girl learned Helen's crude signs.  Unfortunately, Helen bossed Martha Washington around.  Martha was usually submissive to Helen's domineering ways.  Helen later described how this made her feel:

It pleased me to domineer over [Martha Washington], and she generally submitted to my tyranny rather than risk a hand-to-hand encounter (The Story of My Life, Chapter II).

The two girls enjoyed being in the kitchen, where they did everything from preparing ice cream to grinding coffee beans.  Sometimes they played outside, where they searched for eggs.

Helen and Martha Washington sometimes got into trouble.  One day, they were cutting out paper dolls with scissors.  Soon they began cutting other things.  Helen decided to cut some of Martha's hair.  Martha did the same to Helen.

You will find information to answer your first question in chapters 4-9.  You can find out about Helen and Miss Sullivan's relationship throughout most of the book.  It evolved from teacher to companion over the years.  You will also find information for the pen portrait throughout the book.  Helen's relationship with her sister changed over time.  You will find several examples of it throughout the book.


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