I read somewhere that Bella gets pregnant with Edwards baby, but somehow it's killing her. Can anyone give me anymore details about this? How and why is Bella's pregnancy killing her? Thanks so much.

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the fourth book of the series, "Breaking Dawn," Bella and Edward are married, and have a wonderful honeymoon.  Bella begins to become ill and they have to rush home.  Bella is pregnant and the baby is growing inside of her at a rapid rate.  The baby is also taking the life, and blood right out of her.  She is dying and she is dying quickly.  The family begins to give Bella cups of  blood to try and ease her discomfort.  An interesting part of this story line is that the reader gets to read from Jake's part of view.  Bella's body is being broken from the inside.  The baby has broken Bella's pelvic bones, 12 of her ribs and is killing her because it is half vampire and half human. 

lhc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After Bella and Edward are married, they honeymoon on a private island, where Bella figures out that she might be pregnant.  They return to the Cullen home, and Bella continues to get sicker and sicker; the cause is the baby, who is half-vampire, half-human.  Once Bella begins drinking blood, she begins to feel better; the presumed cause of her sickness is that the baby is slowly killing her as it nourishes itself on the blood in her body. 

zumba96 | Student

This is a hybrid. A mix between a vampire and a human. While the child is half vampire, when it is time for it to give birth it will not be pushed out of the womb but in fact it will climb out of it and kill her. The baby is also sucking the blood from Bella while she is in her womb

udonbutterfly | Student

So the baby/Renesme that is inside Bella is half vampire and human. The Cullen's and Bella really don't know what the baby needs so they keep feeding Bella human food however Bella continually throws the food backup which not only leaves her without nutrients but also the baby. It isn't until Jacob mentions (in his mind and Edward heard) that the baby maybe a blood sucker which is exactly what the baby/Renesme is doing by sucking all the blood away from Bella's body. So when she finally gets a taste of blood her health becomes a little bit better since now they know what the baby wants which is blood rather than human food.

fluna | Student

the reason bella's  preganancy is killing her because the baby is half human half vampire so the baby needs blood to live and the baby is  eating her on the inside so edward turns her into a vampire in order to live.

trinaav | Student

Yes Bella gets pregnant with Edward's child during their honey moon on Isle Esme. Her pregnancy is killing her because the child is half human, half vampire, and it's diet is very much like it's father's. I needs blood to survive, not baby food or human food. The baby is killing Bella because it's feeding on Bella's blood, sucking her dry, killing her more day by day. Eventually, Jacob comes up with an idea that seems repulsive, but smart in a way. He convinced the Cullens to let Bella drink blood from a cup and a straw. Bella actually liked the blood and got stronger, but when she got stronger, her baby became stronger. Now that the baby was strong and rapidly growing, it would kick her so hard, breaking her ribs, cracking her spine, and when it was time for it's birth, it had eaten out of her womb. Bella lost to much blood and naturally, she was on the brink of death. Jacob was there trying to save her but Edward knew what he had to do then and there to save her, and that was change her. He bit her in her heart, her neck, and a few other places. Jacob got pissed off that he was doing this to her, and he had gotten kicked out of the room by Rosalie. Bella felt the burning and all the pain that came with becoming a vampire, and after a day or two, or three, she was changed. New heightened senses and all......I hoped this help to answer your question. You should read Breaking Dawn if you haven't already. It's a wonderful book. It'll take you through a roller coaster of emotions as you read all 700 plus pages.

myranda19 | Student

its half baby and half vampire so bellas not strong enough to carry it sooooo its killing her because its a vapire/human so ya

bekkygirl1 | Student

Since the baby is Edward's, it is half-vampire. It is too strong for Bella, and it's kicks are breaking her ribs. It is weakening her, and she has to drink blood to satisfy it and to make it stop breaking her bones. The baby has a bloody birth, and, unfortunately, Bella dies. Edward, however, hands the baby girl over to Rosalie and turns Bella into a vampire. The reason the baby was killing her was because it was half-vampire, and she was a human, and vampires are a ton stronger than humans.

amandadongraham | Student

Okay, first off, the baby does NOT break her pelvic bone, just another rib at that point.  It also doesn't break 12 ribs, but it does break a few and, eventually, her spine, when she is giving birth.