I read a famous article over Thoreau and Emerson and I want to know what would you think is Thoreau's view of Emerson, and how does Emerson view of yourself ?

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This is fairly interesting.  I think that there is some level of intrigue in analyzing the relationship between both of them.  Emerson always struck me as the one who developed and harnessed the intellectual side of the philosophy of Transcendentalism.  He was the one that others associated as being the leader of the philosophical movement.  Thoreau actually lived it.  The ideas espoused in Transcendentalism and within the mantra of individualism and civil disobedience were not merely articulated and written on by Thoreau, but lived and practiced in daily life.  While there was an undeniable respect for the other in each thinker, there had to be this particular gulf where one was seen as more of a thinker about the ideas and the other was seen as more of an individual who embodies and lives the philosophy in real time.  I would think that this had to have been some source of tension or creative difference between the two.

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