Read the diary of anne frank and explain about segregation of jews in not more than 150 words.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is going to be really difficult.  Initially, to summarize the treatment of Jewish individuals during the time of Anne Frank is something that is going to have to exceed 150 words in order to do justice to the memories and testaments of those who had to endure it.  In trying to be succinct, the danger might lie in underreporting the horrific conditions that had to be faced.  Additionally, I think trying to gauge it from Anne's words and her point of view might exceed 150 words because of the primary source element.  If a poem can be used, this might be a very good starting point.  I would set it up by composing three sentences, rich with detail and very thorough.  Then, looking at the three sentences, I would read them aloud.  Each time you take a pause for a breath, create that phrase as a separate line.  If you rewrite it with these pauses and new lines, you should start to have something that "looks" like a poem.  Now, examine the verbs and change all of the verbs from past tense to present tense or something that reflects that it is happening right now.  For example, "Anne saw" could be changed to "Anne sees" or "Anne is seeing."  Then, eliminate all punctuation and try to also eliminate articles (a, an, the.)  After this, if you see any particular word that is powerful or something that is really important, give it its own line.  This method allows you to meet the 150 word maximum and do justice to the content and its implications.