Read The Diary of Anne Frank and explain about segregation of Jews in not more than 200 words and cruelties committed on Jews.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you have much to compose a worthy of response using the text itself.  I would reflect on Anne's words, themselves.  How does she describe the segregation of those who were Jewish during the time  of the Nazis?  Focus on how she describes her feelings about being in hiding, about what it means to hate or persecute another person based on race.  She articulates a great deal to Kitty about her feelings regarding the policies of the Nazis and what they mean to her and her family.  I would focus here because using her words to articulate a historical condition is a powerfully compelling element that could very persuasive.  While she might not be a textbook, Anne's voice and words operate as a primary source that gives us a glimpse into a time of where human beings operated as true embodiments of madmen.

revolution | Student

Hitler and the Nazis believed that the Germans were wholly part of the Aryan race, which they believed it to be superior than the other inferior races, like the Jews, and that the inferior race should be slaves to the superior race.

Hitler had made it crystal clear in the start when he first entered politics that he despised the Jews totally and that they should not be allowed to take part in German life. Hitler strongly discouraged marriages between Germans and Jews, saying that this would allow Germany to be racially unpure, and also condemmned Jews for all the terrible events that struck Germany.

So, a slew of measures were enforced against Jews, including the sacking of Jews from government jobs. Hitler also stationed SS trops outside Jews shops, intimidating German shoppers not to enter these shops or face serious consequences. Jews could not own farms and banned them from entering the media sector, causing large displacement of Jewish workers from huge companies. They were also not allowed to own radios and also bicycles, not allowed to conscript into the Army and was stripped from their German citzenship. Lawyers were not allowed to take Germans as their clients. They were even forbidden to go to theatres and concert venues. They were not allowed to buy newspapers and magazines.

Only after the World War II ended, did they began their FINAL SOLUTION, or the "Holocaust", where they would kill all Jews in Germany and take their lands that they had conquered, so more than 6 million Jews died under the hands of the Nazis. They were killed by extermination or sent to the dreaded gas chambers in concentration camps situated in Germany itself.

I think it is more than 200 words here but you can cut down on some words I had used. Good luck!