According to the following article, what are the likely consequences of the issue for the development or future of Danish society?

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According to this article, the likely future for Danish society is that it will have to change in some important ways.  The article argues that Denmark’s welfare system is too generous and cannot be sustained for very much longer at all.

According to this article, Denmark has a very generous system of welfare.  People get things like child care subsidies or free maid service for the elderly even if they have plenty of money.  It is possible for a person to live very well without working at all.  The article mentioned one man who has been on welfare since 2001 and is still able to own his own apartment.

The article argues that Denmark cannot afford this much longer.  The main reason for this is that Denmark’s population is getting older.  This will mean that there will be fewer people working to pay for all of these benefits.  In addition, there appear to be many people in Denmark who simply do not work or do not work much because the benefits make it possible for them to live comfortable lives without working.

The likely future for Danish society, then, is one in which welfare payments are much less generous and people have to work more.

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