In reference to the article at the link, "10 Emerging Technologies," what are several ways that each technology could be used?

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vixen999 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This appears to be more of a personal opinion question based on your understanding of the technology and ways you believe that each technology could be used in business.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1) Egg Stem Cells

Technology that could help older women have babies.  To get an idea of the potential of this technology, take a look at trends involving age of women marrying, age of women having babies, percentage of women having fertility problems by age. 

2) Ultraefficient Solar Power

Would enable solar panels to be smaller and not require cooling systems.  Limitation is that it would need to be used in a sunny place.  Could decrease the amount of fossil fuel used in places such as the southwest. 

3) Light-Field Photography

A new technology that will enable cameras to take pictures which can then be edited and have their focuses changed later.  This technology could have a lot of applications in the future such as making images 3D or editing them in new ways for art, etc.  It could be used on Facebook and other web applications. 

4)  Solar Microgrids

Enables the use of very small solar panels to charge cell phones and use solar lighting.  Cost can be spread across a village.  Great application in rural areas and third-world countries.  Can it be monetized?  That is the question.  This may have huge potential.  What percent of the world is without cell phones?

5) 3-D Transistors

These transitors run on lower power and have less leakage.  These could significantly improve processing time.  Has the potential for laptops and handheld devices.  What is the raw number of these devices in the world?  How often do people purchase new ones?

6) Faster Fourier Transform

A new, shorter version of the Fourier formula which is the formula underyling the transfer of data in wireless routers, phones, etc.  This make data transfer faster.  Could probably used to speed up streaming and other processes so they could be done in almost real time.

7) Nanopore Sequencing

Enables the reading of long DNA strands directly.  Could be used to routinely study genomes--immediately detecting contamination in food process plants and helping to detect diseases.  There are competing technologies but this one is easier and prevents errors.

8)  Kickstarter

A way to raise money from people for business start-ups.  Avoids the hassle of seeking angel funding.  This site could see really small ideas turn into something huge.  As for Kickstarter, it would depend on how much of the revenue it receives as to whether it is something worth investing in.

9)  High Speed Materials Recovery

Testing and finding new alternative sources for batteries that last longer and work at higher voltages.  If successful, could be used to make electric cars drive farther, etc.  Has a huge potential in regards to uses.

10)  Facebook's Timeline

Enables the storage and collection of significant information about individuals that can be used to more specifically target ads, etc.  Issues with privacy could occur but this could be a very useful tool for marketers.

When answering the question you have been asked, you need to do some preliminary research on each of these technologies.  What are the potential uses of the technology?  Who are the customers?  How many customers would there be?  Are there competitors?  Who is funding the technology?  Is there enough funding?  Are there any similar technologies that have been successful?