Read about a SWOT analysis. Pick a small store in your area (not a large chain of stores) where you frequently shop and conduct a SWOT analysis on it (preferably in Hartford, Connecticut). 1. Describe the store. 2. What are two of its strengths? 3. What are two of its weaknesses? 4. What are two of its opportunities? 5. What are two of its threats?

A SWOT analysis evaluates a business or organization according to its strengths (like loyal employees), weaknesses (like a too-small space), opportunities (like product line expansion), and threats (like increasing competition).

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To get started on this assignment, let's first review what a SWOT analysis is. A SWOT analysis is a tool for evaluation and planning that helps business owners or organizational leaders analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing their businesses or organizations.

Strengths are things that set a business or organization ahead of competitors, things that it does very well. A business might have excellent managers and employees who are dedicated to their jobs and truly care about customers, clients, and each other. Other strengths might include an easy-to-shop layout that customers enjoy, a particularly excellent department (like a bakery), and the ability to provide appealing sales and discounts.

Most businesses have weaknesses as well as strengths. A business might lack an organized system for getting products on the shelves, for instance, and this would tend to annoy customers. Other businesses might suffer from employee absenteeism or the inability to schedule properly or inefficient management or a cramped, disorganized sales floor or some inferior products. Any of these might tend to discourage customers from shopping and employees from working.

Opportunities are positive possibilities for the future. A business owner might see the opportunity to expand into a new line of products or perhaps into a new, larger location. Other opportunities might include hiring further employees, offering new promotions to customers, or perhaps even changing management styles to encourage greater employee participation and job satisfaction.

Threats, on the other hand are negative possibilities for the future. Businesses often face the threat of decreased business in difficult economic times. Other threats include employees quitting, customer dissatisfaction, difficulties with supply, or increased competition.

Now select a store according to the assignment specifications, and apply the SWOT analysis to it with these definitions and possibilities as a guide.

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