The Open Window Questions and Answers
by Saki

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What was your reaction to Vera and Framton Nuttel in H.H. Munro's (Saki's) short story The Open Window?

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It is easy to empathize with Framton Nuttle, the protagonist in H.H. Munro's short story The Open Window . Hardly courageous or particularly admirable in light of the little information provided regarding his character, he is nevertheless a weak individual whose vulnerability should make him a figure of pity rather than scorn. There is nothing intrinsically evil about him, but neither is there anything worthy of emulation. He just exists. At the encouragement of his unseen sister, Nuttle moves to the country in the hopes of finding the peace-of-mind that has heretofore eluded him. He suffers from anxiety and anticipates a less...

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