reaction paper about the movie life as we know itessay

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that a reaction paper to the film has to center on the basic idea of the sacrifices made for parenthood.  Holly and Eric learn to put aside their own personal dislike for one another and recognize that Sophie needs them.  This helps to bring out the idea of personal sacrifice for family needs is essential to the emotional and physical well being of any child. Additionally, I would discuss how both of them are willing to make changes to their own lives in order to make this happen.  She is willing to stop the expansion of her business until he invests in it.  Through this, both understand that the growth of family requires both of them to give more in order to get more as a group.  I think that focusing the writing on the notion of sacrifice in the name of family is a strong point made in the film.  The cake at the end that he brings is a moment in which they recognize that they have grown, as well as Sophie.  Their own growth from an emotional point of view is reflective of what it means to sacrifice for a family and change "life as we know it."  I think that this might be an area to focus a reaction paper on what ideas of the film emerge.