The reaction between iron(III) oxide and aluminum, to produce aluminum oxide and iron, has a heat of reaction (ΔH) equal to –851.5 kJ/mole.  How much energy is released (in kJ) if 0.79 moles of aluminum are consumed?

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The reaction between iron(III) oxide and aluminum produces aluminum oxide and iron. The chemical equation of the reaction is:

`3Fe_3O_2 + 4Al -> 2Al_2O_3 + 6Fe`

This reaction is known as a thermite reaction and is highly exothermic. The large amount of heat released is enough to melt oxygen and aluminum. This gives a lot of applications of this reaction some of which are in welding large units of machinery and in warfare to make grenades.

The heat of the reaction is -851.5 kJ/mole. For every mole of aluminum that reacts with iron oxide, 851 kJ of heat is released. If 0.79 moles of aluminum is consumed in the reaction, the heat released is equal to -851.5*0.79 = -672.685 kJ

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