In "Raymond's Run" by Toni Cade Bambara, what does Mr. Pearson want Squeaky to do in the race? How does she react to his suggestion?   

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Before Squeaky runs the fifty-meter dash and brings home another trophy at the annual May Day races, she looks for Mr. Pearson, who is responsible for pinning the numbers on the athletes' uniforms. When Mr. Pearson approaches carrying his clipboard, numbers, and pins, he asks Squeaky if she is going to allow another girl to win the race this year. Squeaky responds by squinting at him hard as he proceeds to mention that the new girl, Gretchen, should give her a run for her money. He then says, "Wouldn’t it be a nice gesture if you were . . . to ahhh . . ." (Bambara, 9). Squeaky stares so hard at Mr. Pearson when he suggests that she lose the race on purpose to allow Gretchen or another girl to win that he cannot even finish his sentence. Mr. Pearson offends Squeaky by suggesting that she throw the race and she proceeds to win the fifty-yard dash. Following the race, Squeaky experiences a change of heart and decides to train her mentally-handicapped brother, Raymond. She even befriends Gretchen and thinks that she could help Raymond train.

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In "Raymond's Run" by Toni Cade Bambara, Mr. Pearson wants Squeaky to throw the race. He wants her to give another girl a chance to win, particularly Gretchen, who is new in town. 

"'That new girl should give you a run for your money.'" He looks around the park for Gretchen like a periscope in a submarine movie. 'Wouldn't it be a nice gesture if you ahhh...'" (Bambara 8).

When Squeaky realizes Mr. Pearson wants her to cheat, she is very offended. She has been working hard--practicing every minute she possibly can to keep her title as the fastest girl on the block. She really cannot believe that the man she and the other kids call "Ole Beanstalk" would even make such a suggestion. Of course, Gretchen does give her the first competition she has had in a long, long time, but Squeaky still comes out the winner. She also comes out with a whole new outlook on life. She can see Gretchen now as a possible future friend, and she can see Raymond as a competitor, too.  

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