In "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, how does the speaker respond to the noise he hears?

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If by "noise" you mean the rapping at his chamber door, initially the speaker ignores it, lost in thoughts of his lost Lenore. He eventually grows bold enough to answer it and opens the door - to find no one there at all.

A more careful read of the poem will help you understand the speaker and his actions a bit better.  Check the links below for more information on this great poem!

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The speaker responds to the rapping at his chamber door, but icnores it because of thinking about his lost love, Lenore. But when he opens the chamber door, darkness and nothing more.

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Edgar Allan Poe responds like he is scared of something at his chamber door and there are wired noises but he does not see that a raven is on top of his chamber door.