What is the ratio of x to y determined by the equation 14x = 10y?

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To find the ratio of x to y based on the given equation we need to solve the equation for the value of x/y.

We do this as follows.


14x = 10y

Dividing both sides of the equation by 14y the equation becomes

(14x)/(14y) = (10y)/(14y)

x/y = 10/14 = 5/7

Therefore ratio of x to y is 5:7

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In order to find out the ratio of x and y determined by the equation 14x=10y,

we solve this equation.


Dividing each side by y, we get:


14x/y = 10

Now, taking 14 on the right hand side, we get,


Hence, we get the above ratio, which can be further be simplified as:

x/y= 5/7

Hence, we come to know that the ratio of x and y is 5:7.

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