Rate each of the big five personality factors?Surgency Agreeableness Conscientiousness Emotional Stability Intellect

Expert Answers
Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is how I rate the big five personality factors in order of importance:

1. Emotional Stability

I rated this first because I believe that emotional stability is the strong foundation one needs to conduct themselves appropriately in all facets of life. This is whether they will be leaders or not. In their personal lives and career involvements, emotional stability will serve individuals well as they strive to succeed. Emotional stability means being in control with a great outlook on life and a willingness to help others as well

2. Intellect

The ability to learn and reason, intellect makes it possible for a person to think with clarity. Therefore, they can plan, organize, analyze, ponder, and put in place programs, personal and career-wise that will further their goals in life. Intellect works hand in hand with emotional stability to foster quality, creative, productive actions.

3. Conscientiousness

I rate this as next in importance. People who are conscientious persevere, are persistent and go the extra mile as concerns their affairs. They don't get discouraged easily and typically see projects through to the end as best they can. They start and complete projects more often than not. They don't haphazardly abandon them and jump chaotically from project to project.

4. Surgency

I rate this a bit lower than some might. Generally those who exhibit surgency characteristics are extroverts and have a proclivity or leadership. However, I believe that many who are more introverted also accomplish much in many areas of life. Extroversion is no guarantee of personal, business, or academic success.

5. Agreeableness

While a very admirable trait, agreeableness is no guarantee of success in life. It is best to strive to be agreeable, but many obnoxious, rude, and generally ill-tempered people do achieve their goals in life at the expense of others oftentimes.