In "The Ransom of Red Chief", where do they hide the boy after they kidnap him?If you have read this, i would like to know any information you have on this question....

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After Sam and Bill kidnap the boy, they hide him in a cave.

The story involves a kidnapping that turns into a captivity of the kidnappers by the kidnapped child who views his kidnappers as his new playmates subjecting them to all types of attacks as he plays rough.  The boy manages to inflict great pain on his kidnappers through the course of his playing with them.

As Red Chief, Johnny manages to turn the criminals into the victims in this comical short story.  In the end, the kidnappers have to pay Johnny's father to take him off their hands. 

"The father demands a ransom of $250 from the kidnappers, in return for which he will take Johnny back. Bill, who has already tried to send Johnny home, begs his confederate to agree, and Sam himself is now willing to pay to get rid of the child whom the con men had abducted."

"Johnny, however, does not wish to leave his captors. They must scheme to get him back to his father as once they had schemed to get him away from home, and finally, they must run at top speed to escape the boy who does not wish to lose his new playmates, the would-be kidnappers who have become his victims." 

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