How would I go about ranking the main characters of the story from the highest to lowest social class according to personality/behavior? From To Kill a Mockingbird

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an interesting twist on ranking characters because history (and the book) provides a class system which was based on education, land ownership, profession, and of course, race.  Historically, you could look at the different classes this way:

  • White Professionals: Finches, Radley's, Miss Maudie, etc.
  • Poor White Farmers: Cunningham's
  • White "Trash": Ewell's
  • Black (Anything): Calpurnia, Tom Robinson

Your assignment dictates that you place characters into classes based on attitude, personality, or behavior.  If I were tackling this assignment, I'd order the characters in the book from most respectful to least respectful.  Atticus would be at the top and Bob Ewell at the bottom.  This provides a uniform characteristic to measure each character against.

In this way, you will see which characters you deem "equal" according to their level of respect for others.  Atticus, Aunt Alexandria, and the Radleys might no longer be in the same category.  Additionally, the Black community would not fall below characters like the Ewell's.

Remember as you work that the list is completely up to you which means it is based on your opinions.  However, be prepared to explain your opinions using examples from the text.

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