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What is the range and variety of imagery in Donne's poetry?

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John Donne's poetry is notable for the following types of focused imagery that go beyond the natural order:

1.  Union of the male and female (above and beyond the physical)

2.  Union of the human and God (above and beyond sin and guilt)

3.  Elaborate and extended metaphors that are very concentrated (focused) and intellectual

4.  Variety of conceits: alchemy, astronomy, horticulture, navigation, neo-platonism, military, micro/macrocosm, law, mathematics

5.  Distinct subject matter: analogies, conceits, pseudo-arguments, varied tone, idioms that transcend ordinary langauge, rough meter, paradoxes, and original wit

6.  Lack of traditional, mythical or Biblical allusions, similes, metaphors, or meter

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