The range of values of a characteristic from a sample can be displayed using a...

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A graph or chart can be used to display the range of values of a characteristic from a sample. There are many types of graphs and charts. You should select one which highlights the information you wish to display.

In this case, we are interested in the range. The range is simply the space between the highest and lowest observed values.

For example, if you sampled the age of all the children in an elementary school, you might find that the youngest student is four and the oldest eleven years of age. The range of these values is the seven year span between four and eleven.

The simplest way to depict the range is simply with a bar on a number line. However, we are often interested in the distribution of the range. Distribution is how the data falls over the range. Is it evenly spread? Grouped around the middle or to one or both sides? A box and whiskers plot may be more appropriate in this case, because it displays both the range between the minimum and maximum values and some characteristics of the distribution, the lower quartile, median and upper quartile.

See the attached sketch for an example box and whiskers plot of our hypothetical age data.

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