Randy describes two "classic bad apologies."  What are those two classic bad apologies in The Last Lecture?

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The Last Lecture is a series of essays and quotes written by Randy Pausch.  Randy dedicated a section to bad apologies.  Randy expressed that an insincere apology given half heartedly is not worth anything because they evoke feelings of insult in the person being apologized to.    He relates a bad apology to rubbing salt on a wound site.

The two classic bad apologies are:

The one in which one apologizes but comes across as "I'm sorry you feel hurt by what I've done." (140)  This is not an apology but rather telling the person they are feeling hurt not that one is actually sorry or that one had made a mistake.

The second classic bad apology is when one says that one apologizes but informs the other person that he also needs to apologize for what he had done.  In this case one is really asking for an apology and not giving one.

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