I ran a red light 60% in 12 mont.  How many times did I ran a red lightMath question.  Work out problem, show formula

mrbakertheteacher | Student

It sounds like you're missing some data.


It should read something like this

I ran a red light 60% of the time in twelve months.  I came to a red light 10 times every month.  How many times did I run a red light in 12 months.


So it looks like you should have a multi-step problem, but are just missing some information.


The formula you should use, once you have the missing information (10 times every month) should look like this:



Basically this just means to multiply it all together once you convert 60% to a decimal by moving the place value to the left twice and getting rid of the %.   60.  --->  6.0  ---> .6


So your formula would like this:



Then you just use PEMDAS to solve which just means to multiply.

.6 (percentage of running the red light) x 10 (times a month)

= 6   (times a ran a red light in a month)


Then multiply again,

6 x 12  =  72


So the answer would be 72 times a year.


Just remember it all depends on your missing information which is how many times I came to a red light in a month.


Ask your teacher, they'll be impressed that you caught their mistake. Just do it nicely. :o)


someone8899 | Student

Multiply 60% by 12. The answer is 7.2 times.

jamteddy83 | Student

Let x = the number of times you had a red light in 12 months.

    Answer is  .6x

This means that you take the number of times you had a red light and multiply it by six tenths.

Since you can have more than one red light per a month depending on how often you drive and cross an intersection, you cannot use 12.  Your not taking sixty percent of 12 months, but sixty percent of the number of red lights.

"Of" in a word problem often means to multiply.

Six tenths comes from converting sixty percent into a decimal.  Percent means out of a hundred, so you must divide 60 by 100 to obtain your decimal of six tenths.

helpme2244 | Student

If the answer is 7.2 then this method should be used:

60% = 60/100


60/100 multiplied by 12 = 7.2


If the answer is 20 then this method should be used:

100/60 multiplied by 12 = 20