Is the Ramayana considered a holy story? Why do you say so?

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Yes, the Ramayana is considered a holy story. The Ramayana is an epic poem foundational to the Hindu literary canon. The work expounds upon critical theological concepts such as dharma, karma, suffering, and duty. It is an authoritative text on numerous Vedic pracices of ritual and piety. The Ramayana engages important cosmological questions, such as: the nature of time, human mortality, the nature of God, and the nature of the universe (or cosmos). In addition, the Ramayana shows how a devout person should behave in difficult situations, and describes important duties one should observe in various relationships. For these reasons, the Ramayana is considered among the most important and influential holy texts in the world. 

In addition to religious exposition, the Ramayana also functions as a source of inspiration and guidance in personal religious practice. When facing difficulties in life, or when unsure as to the proper course of action, one can go to the Ramayana for insight, solace, comfort, and truth. In this way, the Ramayana functions as a form of scripture, and is invoked in the same way as one would invoke say, a popular or beloved Bible passage. The Ramayana holds a critical position and is revered for its literary, theological, and devotional significance. 

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