In Lord of the Flies, which scene shows the boys' lack of self-discipline. Ralph’s vision of order is one most of the other boys share but lack the self-discipline to carry out.

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several instances of Ralph's inability to lead, but one that is clear is in chapter 3.  Ralph's group of boys is in charge of building huts so that the boys have protection from the elements.  Early in the chapter, he tells Jack, with disgust, that the huts are dismal at best and he laments the fact that the boys won't stay on task.  He says they run off to play and have fun.  This is in sharp contrast to the success that Jack is beginning to have in his quest for meat.  Ralph thinks that because he sees the logic of and the need for huts, the other boys should see this as well.  He assumes that they share his desire for shelter and rescue.  That is a big mistake on his part.  He forgets that he is dealing with children who don't deal with logic.  Because he doesn't deal with the boys in a demanding way, like a parent might deal with a child, he does not have their respect and he does not have their cooperation.

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