In A Raisin in the Sun, should the Youngers have taken the money from Mr. Linder? 

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This question is totally subjective and, therefore, can be argued either way. However, I am inclined to argue against taking the money from Lindner.

For those who say that the Youngers should have taken the money, the judgment would be a matter of practicality. Lindner makes it clear that blacks are not wanted in Clybourne Park:

What do you think you are going to gain by moving into a neighborhood where you just aren't wanted...people can get awful worked up when they feel that their whole way of life and everything they've ever worked for is threatened.

As a result, the community prepared "to buy the house from [the Youngers] at a financial gain to [the] family." The expectation is that they will buy a house in a neighborhood that is predominately black, or one that is more accommodating to integration (the latter was uncommon in Chicago at this time).

By choosing to take the money, the Youngers would have moved into a neighborhood where they would have been welcomed by their neighbors...

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