What is the depth of water in the cylinder after a storm in which 1cm of rain fell?  Rain which falls onto a flat rectangular surface of length 6m and width 4m is collected in a cylinder of internal radius 20cm. Answer-191cm

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The water fell in to the flat surface will fill up to 1cm. So it will form a rectangular cuboid of length 6m , width 4m and height 1cm.

Volume of rectangular cuboid = length*width*height

Volume of rain water fall in to surface `= 6*4*1/100 m^3`

                                                      `= 0.24 m^3`


This 0.24 m^3 of water will fill in to the cylinder. If the height if the water that filled in to there cylinder is h and the radius is r then the volume of water filled in the cylinder is given by;

`V = pi*r^2*h`

`V = pi*0.2^2*h`


But we know that ` V = 0.24 m^3`


`pi*0.2^2*h = 0.24`

          ` h = 1.91m`


So the height that water filled is 1.91m = 191cm



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