Radical expressions Rules for simplifying radical expression. Discuss and give example

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The radical numbers ar numbers written into the form of sqrt(a).

There are rules for simplifying.

Rule (1):

sqrt(a*b) = sqrt(a)* sqrt(b)

sqrt(a/b) = sqrt(a)/sqrt(b)


sqrt15 = sqrt(3*5) = sqrt3 * sqrt5

sqrt(9/4) = sqrt9/sqrt4 = 3/2


Rule (2):

sqrt(a+-b) does NOT equal sqrt(a) +- sqrt(b)


sqrt(16) = sqrt(8+8) = 4

However, sqrt8 + sqrt8 = 2sqrt2 + 2sqrt2 = 4sqrt2

Then sqrt(8+8) does not equal sqrt8 + sqrt8.

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