QUOTES THAT SUPPORT THIS THEME IN THE NOVEL...?can i get as many quotes as possible with page numbers from the novel "House of the Spirit" regarding WOMEN & FEMINITY...? thnx.......  

ashleycason10 | Student

Here are some quotes - hope they help...


*The ladies moved into the living room. […] There they could weep at leisure, unburdening themselves of their own troubles as they wept for someone else's death. […] The maids moved back and forth through the sitting rooms and halls, distributing […] cold compresses soaked in ammonia for those ladies who felt faint from the lack of air, the scent of candles, and the weight of their emotion. (1.59)

*It was the custom then for women and children not to attend funerals, which were considered a male province, but at the last minute Clara managed to slip into the cortège to accompany her sister Rosa… (1.66)

*"I would like to have been born a man, so I could leave too," she said, full of hatred.
"And I would not have liked to be a woman," he said. (2.19)

*"If women don't know that two and two are four, how are they going to be able to handle a scalpel? Their duty is motherhood and the home. At the rate they're going, the next thing you know they'll be asking to be deputies, judges – even President of the Republic!" (2.77)


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