Provide quotes that describe Calpurnia in To Kill a Mockingbird (with page number)?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Calpurnia (her last name is never mentioned) is the Finch family's African American housekeeper. She worked for Atticus's father at Finch's Landing before moving to Maycomb when Atticus got married. She spends each day at the Finch house before returning at night to her home in the Quarters. Scout does not get along with the strict-but-fair Cal early in the story, but the two establish a bond as Scout grows older. When Aunt Alexandra suggests that Cal be dismissed as housekeeper, Atticus nixes any such conversation, assuring his sister that Cal is a "faithful member of this family" and that "the children love her." Scout thinks that Cal, a grandmother, "don't look near as old as Atticus." Nearsighted with a squint,

She was all angles and bones; she was nearsighted; she squinted; her hand was wide as a bed slat and twice as hard   (Chapter 1, page 6)

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