Provide quotes that describe Calpurnia in To Kill a Mockingbird (with page number)?

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Calpurnia is the Finch family's cook and is an integral part of Jem's and Scout's lives. Atticus completely trusts and respects Calpurnia, and he defends her when Aunt Alexandra suggests that he get rid of her. As a child, Scout continually argues with Calpurnia, who is quick to chastise her for misbehaving or acting rude. Despite their disagreements, Scout learns to appreciate Calpurnia and is aware that Cal truly cares about her. In chapter 1, Scout gives a vivid description of Calpurnia:

"She [Calpurnia] was all angles and bones; she was nearsighted; she squinted; her hand was wide as a bed slat and twice as hard. She was always ordering me out of the kitchen, asking me why I couldn’t behave as well as Jem when she knew he was older, and calling me home when I wasn’t ready to come. Our battles were epic and one-sided....

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