Please give a few quotes showing Scout's innocence in To Kill A Mockingbird.

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In chapter 8, Maycomb experiences extremely cold weather, and Scout wakes up to see snow falling from the sky. Scout displays her childhood innocence by saying, "The world’s endin‘, Atticus! Please do something—!" (Lee 66). Scout has never seen snow before and is terrified to the point that she actually believes that the world is ending.

In chapter 9, Scout attends her family gathering at Finch's Landing, where she interacts with her racist, arrogant cousin, Francis Hancock. Francis Hancock ends up offending Scout by calling her father a "nigger-lover," and Scout ends up punching him in the face despite the fact that she does not know the definition of the racial slur. Later on, Scout illustrates her childhood innocence by explaining to her uncle why she punched Francis. Scout says,

A nigger-lover. I ain’t very sure what it means, but the way Francis said it—tell you one thing right now, Uncle Jack, I’ll be—I swear before God if I’ll sit there and let him say somethin‘ about...

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