What are quotes and page numbers from the Count of Monte Cristo that represent various literary elements?

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gekkolies eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first quote I would like to provide is for the element of conflict.  In Ch. 4 Danglars writes a letter to cause a conspiracy for Edmund to be sentenced for treason to the Chateau d'If.  He states in the letter," "Proof of this crime will be found on arresting him."

The second element I will discuss is the theme of revenge.  It is noted in the very next section of Ch. 4 as a result of the conflict.  Danglars replies to Fernand, "now your revenge looks like common sense."

The element of character can be portrayed by M. Bertuccio in Ch. 44 when he describes himself as being "accomplished." He boasts to the count, "I accomplished the most astonishing deeds." This was during a discussion to the count explaining the speculative comings and goings he had witnessed on the part of M. Villefort around town years earlier.  Another character analysis can be illustrated in the same chapter for M. Caderousse, who displays greed in his dealing with the jeweler, as he bargains for more money for the ring.    Caderousse mumbles, "The abbe told me it was worth 50,000 franks."

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