Using two direct quotes, what are the negative effects of colonization in Achebe's Things Fall Apart?

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In the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, the native people are slowly experiencing the effects of colonialism as western missionaries and foreigners infiltrate Umuofia. Being told through the lens of Okonkwo, a bull-headed and change-resistant man, the reader is privy to the negative effects of colonization, in spite of the potential benefit that can come from it.

It was in fact one them who in his zeal brought the church into serious conflict with the clan a year later by killing the sacred python, the emanation of the god of water.

This quote explains one of the less grievous negative aspects of colonization—simply, the lack of understanding of other cultures. The man in question was a recent convert to the Christian church and had been cast out from the people of Umuofia as a result. In his zeal for Christianity and because of the ignorance of the Christian teachings towards the importance of the python to the Umuofians, the man killed a python. When people from a colonizing...

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