Provide quotes made by Dill Harris with page numbers in To Kill a Mockingbird.  

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When Jem and Scout first meet up with Charles Baker Harris, he is squatting in his Aunt Rachel's collards patch. They soon have a new best friend. "Folks call me Dill," said Dill... (Chapter 1, p. 7) It was Dill's curiosity that inspired Jem and Scout to pursue the "malevolent phantom" inside the Radley House--the unseen Boo Radley. "Let's try to make him come out," said Dill. "I'd like to see what he looks like." (Chapter 1, p. 13) It is Dill who finally recognizes the reason that Boo has remained hidden in his house for so long. Dill sees that Boo feels safe from the outside world there. "Maybe he doesn't have anywhere to run off to..." (Chapter 14, p. 144) During the trial, Dill is literally sickened by the way Tom is treated by the defense attorney. Scout leads him outside for a breath of fresh air, and Dill explains that "... somehow it ain't right to do 'em that way. Hasn't anybody got any business talkin' like that--it just makes me sick." (Chapter 19, p. 199)

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