Quote: "It is difficult not to conform to a dominant reality"What do you think of the idea of how 'fear leads many people to conform'?

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This quote presents the idea that it is hard to resist a reality which dominates the world you live in.  Fear is one of the main reasons why people do conform even when they don't want to.  Being seen as one of the few resisters makes them visible and vulnerable to the majority who see them as a threat.  You only need to look around your high school and look at the dress of your fellow students.  Each group of students such as the athletes, the goths or the academic all-stars all dress to fit the part they have chosen to play.  To be a goth and not dress the part would put them at risk of ridicule or bullying which no one wants to happen to them.  Thus, fear of not belonging leads many to conform to their own dominant reality.