In your opinion, who creates the dominant reality?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Our dominant reality is created by the majority of the people together.  They are the ones who decide, not really consciously, what our cultural values will be.  These values can change over time as the majority of the people decide that new values are better.  The changes can be shaped by things like the media, but it is ultimately the people who determine what the dominant reality will be.

For example, racism was once part of the dominant reality.  Over time, however, people have come to change their minds about whether racism is acceptable.  It is now no longer socially acceptable to be openly racist.  This is a change that happened gradually as public opinions and cultural norms changed.

michaelpaulheart | Student

The dominant reality is objective and external to the person confronted by it.

Theists maintain that God creates the dominant reality and is Himself the ultimate Reality.

Materialists maintain that it is the Universe itself that produces the dominant reality that effects and affects all our existence.

In Psychology and Psychiatry

  • the unconscious person (an-esthetized) is unaware of reality
  • the totally inward-directed person is unaware of the dominant reality
  • persons afflicted with psychopathological states are preoccupied with their own interpretation of reality and their attempts to redefine it, either to their own advantage or their own disadvantage (e.g. a conviction they should be punished or destroyed), because they do not accept the dominant reality or are unable to perceive it--this includes persons afflicted with varying degrees of delusion
  • the ignorant person is misinformed about reality, either by circumstance and accident or by design--for example, absence of any school or teacher, ignorant or uncaring parents, or the presence of primitive superstition and magic, or the inculcated cultural belief that any one human being or group of human beings is not human (e.g. Nazism), or that the earth is flat (pseudo-scientific theories), or that all of reality is a subjective mental projection or expression of oneself and that we each make our own dominant reality ("subjectivism", or what some call "living in a dream world") which excludes acceptance of the actual objective external dominant reality.
  • the reality-oriented person accepts the reality of objective external existence as the actual dominant reality and actively seeks to understand and deal with it (interactive involvement) in their ordinary daily life and in their seeking to understand it (religion, science, education) as having a rational order and foundation underlying its appearance.