Quote a short passage from the novel that is significant in displaying character development in Night, and explain what this prompt means.

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Naturally with any question about an assignment, opening a dialogue with the instructor is one of the best ways to clear up any confusion.  That being said, I think that the task is asking to identify how that passage reflects change in a character or Wiesel's use of characterization, in general.  I think that you could probably find many such examples in the text.  Wiesel rarely misses an opportunity to show how the true horror of the Holocaust was its toll on the human character.  One moment that reflects Eliezer's change in his own character happens upon his arrival in Auschwitz.  When Eliezer sees the immense amount of death around him.  The oft quoted, "Never shall I forget," helps to reflect how Eliezer's attitude towards God has changed.  It is at this moment and from this passage that the reader begins to grasp that one of the most horrific realities of the Holocaust was to remove the faith in God that many held prior to their experiences in the Holocaust.  This passage helps to bring out how Eliezer's relationship with God and his own relationship with his previously held beliefs are both undergoing significant change as a result of the Holocaust.

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