What is the significance of the following quote from "Oedipus Rex": "What good were my eyes to me , nothing i could see could bring me joy."

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mikkiblack eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Temi -

This line is one of many that collectively create one of the main motifs and main themes of Oedipus Rex: blindness.

The one character who always knew and spoke the truth was Tiresius, and he was blind.  In fact he chided Oedipus in the first scene for not being able to see, for being more blind than he himself was.

Oedipus, having finally realized the truth of his situation, takes Tiresius's words to heart and gouges out his eyes as unreliable.  He could not "see" the truth, so perhaps without his eyes, he will finally be able to truly see the world for what it is.