How does Creon's view of government affect the citizens in "Antigone"? The "ship of state" analogy Creon makes in the begining is a key idea to understanding his view of govt

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mejwestut eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Creon states, "For I-be Zeus my witness, who sees all things always-would not be silent if I saw ruin, instead of safety, coming to the citizens; nor would I ever deem the country's foe a friend to myself; remembering this, that our country is the ship that bears us safe, and that only while she prospers in our voyage can we make true friends."

"Although he gives lip service to the necessity for order and for obedience to the law, he is a tyrant who has identified the welfare of the state with his own self-interest and self-will" enotes see below.

You might want to check out enotes historical references to Creon and performances in France during the Nazi occupation of that country. "The analogy between Creon and the collaborationist French government...seemed apparent to many playgoers..."

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