In "The Pigman",  what are some problems that Lorraine faces at home with her mother?

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Here is a quote by Lorraine about her mother:

"If I made a list of every comment she's made about me, you'd think I was a monstrosity."

This is the basis of the problems that Lorraine has at home.  Her mother, having been left by her husband to raise Lorraine alone, has become a bitter and angry woman.  She doesn't like her life, and she spends her time complaining about it, complaining about men, complaining about her patients, and complaining about Lorraine.  She directs her bitterness towards her daughter, whether it is in telling her that men are worthless or in suggesting that she herself (Lorraine) is worthless.  This last part she does by criticizing Lorraine's looks and behaviors.  She shows that this attitude isn't just related to Lorraine in comments that she makes about clients:

"I wish this one would go ahead and croak because her husband is getting a little too friendly lately."

However, for a teenager, it doesn't matter much that her mother acts that way to everyone.  What matters is that she acts that way towards her, causing Lorraine to be overly self-conscious and to lack self-esteem.  However, her mother's criticisms also cause Lorraine to be sensitive to the feelings of others and mature for her age.

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