In "A Municipal Report," what coincidences are required for the development of the plot? I guess what they're asking is what coincidences in the story are needed to tell the story and develop a plot, but I'm not sure exactly.

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One big coincidence is that one of the dollar bills the narrator gives to Uncle Caesar has been torn in half and pasted together with a very conspicuous strip of blue tissue paper. Azalea Adair sends a little girl to the store to buy tea and gives her a dollar bill with the same blue tissue paper, proving that Uncle Caesar must have given her the money right after he brought the narrator to her house. Later Major Caswell buys the narrator a drink, paying with two dollar bills, one of which is obviously the same bill with the blue tissue paper. Evidently Azalea Adair had to take that dollar back from the little girl and rescind her earlier offer of tea. Uncle Caesar must have learned about this either from Azalea or from the little girl. The...

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