In "The Most Dangerous Game", who built Zaroff's mansion, and who takes care of it?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the exposition of "The Most Dangerous Game," after Rainsford's swim to the island and exhausted sleep, he wanders until he comes upon a chateau with a massive door and a gargoyle for a knocker.  The word chateau and the use of a massive door and gargoyle suggest foreboding, dark Gothic architecture.  So, perhaps, the castle was built during the time of the exploration of Brazil (Rainsford and his crewmate speak of Rio, and Zaroff talks of the Amazon) by the Portugese.

Being a Russian Cossack with his countryman Ivan, General Zaroff may have sought political refuge in this castle in Brazil since Brazil has been a political refuge for many. While Zaroff the hunter has been lured by the exotic Amazon, he may have also sought the anonymity of such an area. 

Ivan, Zaroff's servant and right-hand man, answers the door to the chateau when Rainsord knocks, so the reader can assume that he takes care of the mansion,  He is probably the only servant since Zaroff is security conscious, having had Ivan's tongue removed.  Ivan also appears as the handler of the dog's during the third day of the hunt; no one else is mentioned by Zaroff, either, as he ponders, "it would be difficult to replace Ivan...."

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