In The Kite Runner, what was the setting?

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The main character, Amir, is from the Wazir Akbar Khan district of Kabul, Afghanistan but moves to the United States (to Califorina). Since Amir is both the the narrator and character, the story is told in retrospect, which means that that the setting bounces back-and-forth between the two countries.

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There are many settings in "The Kite Runner." The book opens in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, in roughly the present. However, the book flashes back to Kabul, Afghanistan, where the narrator (Amir) grew up. The first chapters are mostly set there, in and around the luxurious house of his childhood. Later, when the family must flee the country, the story is set along the way, and then in Pakistan. They then move to the United States, specifically California, and much of the story is set there, as they try to make their home in a new land. Late in the book, there is a return to Afghanistan.

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It sets in many places, but mostly in Afghanistan and San Francisco. 

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The story takes place in many areas, his history begins in Afghanistan, then america, LA, then he goes back to Afghanistan. here are the major settings in order of the book:

america, LA




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The setting of the story is mostly Afghanistan and the conflict of the Pashtuns and the Hazaras.

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This novel is set in two major places the Wazir Akbar Khan district in Kabul, Afghanistan and Americal in paricular San Francisco. Throughout the novel we jump back and forth between these two settings from 1933-2002 when the book concludes.

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There is many different settings in the kit runner but the main setting is afganistan which covers over 3 decades.

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In this story we spend a lot of time in Kabul, Afghanistan.  This is were Amir, the main character and narrator of the story grew up.  His family flees to Pakistan and eventually America.  Amir goes back to present day Afghanistan in search of a friend but finds a son.

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The story primarily takes place in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United States from 1975 until the present day.

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Two primary settings paint the picture desired by the author. A peaceful, serene San Francisco is juxtaposed to the tumultuous landscape of Afghanistan. While beautiful, sweeping landscapes are the centerpiece of the shots set in San Francisco, Afghanistan becomes a portrait of the desolation brought upon a country and a people ravaged by immoral gangland wanna-be's who turn a beautiful world into a living hell.

One of the most prominent locations used by the director of the film is the one where both boys would run away to read stories together underneath a pomegranate tree. There the color red comes into play as the true arachtype it is as the pomengranates are used at one time to clearly depict the murder of the young Hazara boy as he is pummeled with the fruit by the person we discover later is, in fact, his older brother. The fruit also serves as a reminder of the very thing which serves as the lifeblood of the people of Afghanistan before the Taliban take over. It reminds us of the passion which these two boys share for life, quite separate and unique from the building tragedy around them.

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The main setting of the Kite Runner is modern Afghanistan.  The time frame though, does cover three decades.