How could you interpret this sentence, "He then concluded to convert her to goodness, himself to God."?

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Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This declaration comes at the end of the story, when Leo Finkle finally meets the woman he will marry, Stella Salzman.  Their relationship helps Leo re-evalute his relationship with God and his faith, which had been severely faltering as he had searched in vain for a wife.  The two will help eachother; he will restore her reputation, she his faith.  

Here is how it played out:

Leo Finkle, a rabbi, has turned to a matchmaker, Salzman, to help find him a wife.  During the course of their business relationship, Leo rejects woman after woman as being unsuitable for one reason or another.  Then one day, Leo opens an envelope with the photos of several potential women.  Rejecting all six, a seventh falls out. 

Leo is captivated.  He tells Salzman this is the one he wants, but Salzman protests.  It is his daughter, and she has done something very disobedient; Salzman claims to have disowned her.  Leo insists on meeting her, and they fall in love.

One never knows if this was true or not.  Had Salzman really just set up Leo as a match for his daughter?  After all, being married to a rabbi is definitely a "good match" for his family.  Or was it merely seredipity?  I tend to think the former...

arjun | Student

In this sentence it is very transparent that the speaker`s idea is based on sincerity.It can be interpreted followingly: He at last determined with result that the speaker would hand over him or her to doing good things or devotes life to good deeds.Good deeds means deeds that are liked by God or ordered by God.So he himself devotes to Godly works.Now his faith transfers to such faiths.