What happens in Chapter 13 of "The Devil's Arithmetic"? I need it for a summary

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 13 of "The Devil's Arithmetic" Hanna wakes up sore and tired.  She crawls out of a wooden bunk and hears the horn which will awaken them everyday.  A German soldier comes in and tells them to get in line for food.  Gitl explains to Hanna how to take care of her bowl, saying that "there are no replacements."  Hana is shocked to find hard bread and weak soup for the meal and she is still hungry after she eats.  As the chapter progresses the soldiers tell the new prisoners that they will work, they will do as they are told, not ask questions, and not talk back.  He tells them they will "learn to be disciplined."  He also tells them if they don't work they will be taken to the crematorium for execution.  " You will do it, or you will die." Hanna noticed the people with her and remembered telling them stories in the forest, but she couldn't remember what the stories were.  She is afraid.

shayedunn | Student

Though below is very similiar, it is not. Ritka tells Hannah about the bowls, not Gitl.

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