In "Death of a Salesman", Whom does Willy criticize and why? Why does Willy stop his criticizing?Act 1; Part 1

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reidalot eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Willy criticizes his son, Biff. On one hand, Willy calls Biff "lazy" because he hasn't been successful in the business world when Willy had such high hopes for him. However, the problem goes much deeper than that as Biff represents Willy's lost hope for himself. Willy goes on to say that Biff is "lost" and really "not lazy." Willy attempted to live vicariously through Biff, yet, ironically, Biff like his father, Willy, realizes there is more to the American Dream. As Willy attempts to grow a garden, Biff realizes that his father's dream is "wrong," and will seek to live a life that is closer to the soil,  in touch with the land, not material possessions.

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