All My Sons Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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In "All My Sons", Act 2, why is George so bitter?

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George is the son of Steve Deever, the former partner of Joe Keller. When he first enters the play, he has just come from visiting his father in jail. He is convinced that Joe is the real criminal and the one behind the plot that to send cracked cylinder heads to the Army. George used to live next door to the Kellers in the house now occupied by the Baylisses. George is convinced that Joe destroyed his father and let his father take most of the blame instead of owning up to his crime. Then George discovers that his sister, Ann, is in love with Joe's other son, Chris. He tries to talk her out of marrying Chris. When Kate tries to calm George down, she reveals that Joe was not sick as he had claimed when the defective parts were shipped an that confirms what Steve Deever told his son. This fact reveals that Joe is probably guilty of the crime that he was charged with. George then storms off. George now poses a real threat to Joe because Joe is a lawyer and may try to reopen the case that put both his father and Joe in prison.

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