Questions for report on sati.Im doing my histroy project on sati and I need to know what type of questions I can ask. I need it to be well-researched and have strong evidence from old and new sources.

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sati refers to an Indian funerary ritual where a widow would throw herself onto the funeral pyre of her husband.

If you were going to research this, a good starting point would be to first define what it is for your paper’s or presentations audience. Some sample questions might be, “What is sati?”, “In what communities was the ritual practice?” and “How was the ritual performed?”

Sati has been banned several times throughout India’s long history, and researching this aspect of your topic would allow you to draw on older sources as well as more recent ones. Ask “When has sati been banned?”, “For what reasons was the ritual banned in India?” and of course “Has banning the practice stopped it from happening?” This last one will allow you to look at current news sources.

If you want to discuss the moral issues revolving around banning the practice, you could also do that. Despite the fact that by today’s standards it’s a pretty horrific practice, it is a form of cultural imperialism to ban it. Questions like, “Was banning sati moral?” or “Can cultural imperialism be positive?” would help you explore this in your paper.